Making of 70th anniversary of Prague Uprising projection mapping

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The Czech capital was marking the 70th anniversary of the Prague Uprising. On May 5th of 1945 Prague citizens rose up against the collapsing Nazi regime and almost 3,000 people were killed in the fighting before Russian troops liberated the city four days later. We commemorated this event with a unique projection mapping.

In tribute of this crucial event of the Czech history, SIGNAL production produced projection mapping in the Old Town square, where one the precious building of the Old Town City Hall was seriously damaged during the uprising.

A picture from our projection mapping event

Projection mapping excerpt

Concept and video mapping visuals by Amar Mulabegović {The Macula}
Concept and music/sound composed by Ondřej Skala {JTNB}
Produced by: Martin Posta {SIGNAL production}
Photos & video by Michal Ureš.

“Calling all Czechs! Come quickly to our aid! Calling all Czechs!” It is May 5, 1945, and with these words, Prague radio appeals to Czechs to join the uprising against the German occupation. This was to be one of the last European battles of World War Two and the greatest moment in the history of Czechoslovak Radio. For some time radio staff had been working secretly with the Czech underground to prepare the ground for the uprising. Their radio appeal marked the beginning of the battle. In the confusion of the following three days with street battles going on around the city, radio was to play an important role, and the radio building also became the focus of much of the fighting. On some extant recordings, you can still clearly hear gunfire in the background.

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