World’s largest videomapping project

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For the weekend of September 16, 2014 SIGNAL productions moved to Bucharest to participate in the world’s largest videomapping project taking place on the occasion of the 555th anniversary of the city. Five international artist groups chosen within an open competition took part in the iMapp Bucharest 555 show: Maxin10sity from Hungary, The Macula from Czech Republic, Damien Fountain from France, Les Ateliers Nomad from Romania, and SevenZero from Poland.  Together they created a five minute and fifty-five second architectural projection against the 60,000 sq. ft facade of the historic Palace of Parliament building.

Concept and visuals by Amar Mulabegović {The Macula}
Concept and music/sound composed by Ondřej Skala {JTNB}
Special Thanks to our friends and co-working animators: Michal Nárovec.
Produced by: Martin Posta {SIGNAL productions}
Photos & video by Amar Mulabegović.

The five videos seemed to be streamed one into another, accompanied by a digital soundtrack with thumping basslines. Visually, the 3D imagery flowed from combinations of dark, minimalist and geometric projections, into illusory 3D aerial perspectives. In the end of the show Romania’s national colors covered the face of the large building and the monumentous applause of 100 000 visitors brought the scale of the project into perspective—iMapp Bucharest 555 was a spectacular ode to an artistic hub at work transforming centuries-old values into new cultural traditions.

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