We create a social awareness campaign with projection mapping TV ad…

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The bank of Česká spořitelna decided to shoot a set of educational videos to educate people how to get a healthy loan.

In the total of five 90 seconds long videos, the professional financial adviser is guiding a potential client through the steps of the so-called healthy loan to make sure they fully understand the process and that they are aware of possible catches. Signal production was there to help, spice it up a bit with a video mapping projection. Each video includes projection mapping of visuals that are emphasizing words of the adviser or completing the story.

Making of the videos:

Client:    Česká spořitelna
Agency:    Young & Rubicam
Director:    Petr Němeček
DoP:    Jan Cabalka
Visuals:    Hyperbinary
Producer:    Martin Pošta

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