Projection mapping for Fanta in Dubai

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In 2011 we were invited by MEMAC Ogilvy in Dubai to create a Fanta Chase projection mapping in Dubai. A show for their regional campaign launch, under the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

The theme of the event was aligned with the Coca-Cola Company’s EMEA campaign – “The Chase”. The main character runs from the other kids chasing them for his last drops of Fanta drink. The challenge was the building itself as it is situated right next to the world’s biggest and best lit Dubai Mall. After addressing the lights issue we had to overcome the second obstacle. Due to its fragmentation the Souk Al Bahar building is definitely not ideal for character mapping. Our aim was to recreate the chase, but without using the TV ad character. We created a pac-man-like game, where our good guy “The Orange Boy” was chased by the “Bad Blue triangles”.

The outcome was great, the stunt was successful and the launch of the Fanta Chase campaign was tremendous!

Videomapping stunt at Dubai Mall, UAE.

Client: Fanta (The Coca-Cola Company)
Creative ideation: Memac Ogilvy –
Creative content: SIGNAL production


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