RE: PUBLIKA festival glowed with digital art

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The RE: PUBLIKA festival, a celebration of Czechoslovakia’s 100th anniversary, took place on the premises of the Brno Exhibition Center for three weeks and offered to its audience a diverse mix of artistic experiences, including the digital art installations by the Hyperbinary studio and the Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida.

On May 26th in Brno began the festival RE: PUBLIKA, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia through art and culture. At the event, the SIGNAL Production commissioned two digital art pieces. Every week visitors to the festival could experience the encounter with the mysterious Brocken ghost, the spectre that appears in the high mountains. In front of the pavilion A2 of the Brno Exhibition Center, the Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida performed this effect known to climbers in his installation Brocken 5.2, which was also seen by the audience of the fourth edition of the SIGNAL festival and also at the festival of lights in Pilsen.

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In addition to Chida’s piece of light art, a brand new site-specific installation was prepared for the RE: PUBLIKA festival by the Czech Hyperbinary studio, which is known to SIGNAL festival visitors mainly thanks to the installation called Monolith. Their audiovisual show Prospect lit up every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Brno Exhibition Center. The meaning of the word “prospect” refers to the place itself not only formally but also in terms of content. A light show made up of 2834 programmable LED lights, Hyperbinary wanted to move into the future and give viewers a unique experience of intelligent modern technology dialogue with functionalist architecture. The past got connected the future through this installation of the Hyperbinary studio.

Festival RE: PUBLIKA filled the Brno Exhibition Center by art and cultural events until June 17, 2018. The interconnection of light, technology and art in Hyperbinary and Yasuhiro Chida’s installations amazed its audience and SIGNAL festival together with SIGNAL Production were happy to participate in such a great event.

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