SIGNAL team lit up Bucharest

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The phenomenon of light festivals continues to grow – it’s as if, instead of grand firework displays, towns prefer to invest in modern light projections and video mapping displays that are much more closely connected to the architecture, history and philosophy of their location. This trend has now allowed the SIGNAL light festival, whose second edition in Prague attracted nearly half a million visitors, to expand into Romania.

A woman walks between balloons part of an art light installation in Bucharest, Romania, Thursday night, April 23, 2015. Bucharest hosts the Spotlight International Light Festival for the next three days.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Organisers opened the new Spotlight festival in the Romanian capital on Thursday, April 23. For three nights Bucharest was be lit up with artistic light shows and video mapping displays. Czech organisers were providing the festival with both organisational and artistic patronage, as the streets of Bucharest are filled with light-based works by Czech artists Jakub Nepraš and Josef Šafařík, as well as by artists from other countries, including Large Pendulum Wave, Chill Woxel and Cloud, which had its Czech premiere at the SIGNAL festival.

The Spotlight festival in Bucharest also featured several light-based artworks that have not yet featured at the SIGNAL festival – Ghost Ship, Cubic Lense, Urban Neon Forest and others.

“Over its two editions the SIGNAL festival has established itself so much among Czech and European cultural events that it is now helping to shape other light festivals in both the Czech Republic and abroad. At the end of last year we were contacted by the city of Bucharest and asked if we’d be interested in preparing the first edition of the Romanian light festival. We are providing patronage to the new Spotlight festival as both curators and organisers, and I’m quite enthusiastic about it. I think we’re one of the few Czech festivals that have been able to expand not just beyond the boundaries of not just the city, but of the country, too,” says Martin Posta, director of the SIGNAL light festival in Prague.

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