Spectrum projection mapping in Kutná Hora

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On 25th and 26th April 2014, an original projection mapping entitled SPECTRUM was projected in Kutná Hora.

Spectrum (lat., image as an instance of something that is seen) is an allegorical analysis of the sensation of an image and of the moment enabling the innovation process. With the means of projection mapping, it explores manifestations of a virtual world within dedicated physical space. Silver, one of the symbols of Kutná Hora, the fundamental property of which is the ability to reflect light and to mirror reality when polished, is ideal for being connected with the Church of St. Barbora, another symbol of this town.

This synthesis results in an abstract graphics approach to silver and its journey through time. By this original video mapping, the Czech art group The Macula relates to Khôra, a very successful show of the last year’s SIGNAL Prague Light Festival.

Concept and visuals by Amar Mulabegović and D. Gregor {The Macula}
Concept and music/sound composed by Ondřej Skala {JTNB}
Thanks to our co-working animator: Dalibor Cé
Producer: Martin Pošta (Signal production)
Photos & video by Michal Ureš.

A video mapping created by The Macula for SIGNAL Production

A projection mapping created by The Macula for SIGNAL Production

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